Tree surveys are required for a wide number of reasons including planning and development. Historically, Tree Care Company has provided Tree Surveys for landowners including private landlords, architects, land developers, estate managers and the legal profession in Leeds and the surrounding areas.

Variety of Surveys

Tree Care Company can provide a wide range of tree surveys including;

  • Tree Surveys for Planning Purposes

If you are submitting a planning application and trees are located nearby, then you will be required to appoint an Arboricultural Consultant to undertake a BS 5837 tree survey. This tree survey dictates the full extent of data gathered during the tree survey. This data is included in the tree report. A Tree Care Company tree surveyor will assist you to acquire planning consent by minimising the impact on trees.

  • Insurers and Mortgage Lenders

Insurers and mortgage lenders often require a tree report that assesses the risk that the property has been or could be damaged by nearby trees.

Tree Care Company is also able to advise on the likelihood that existing building damage has been caused by trees. Our tree reports include clear advice and management recommendations.

Tree Survey Process

Tree Care Company will collect deep soil samples close to the building foundations and assess whether subsidence is likely to occur. The tree survey includes all trees within potential influencing distance. The tree report will recommend how to reduce risk to an acceptable level.

Tree Surveys for Subsidence Management

Where subsidence has already occurred, you might require a tree survey to determine which trees are responsible. The tree report will recommend how to reduce future risks.

Safety Tree Surveys

If you are concerned about the condition of a tree, then you might require a tree survey for safety and management purposes. Tree Care Company will examine each tree for defects and disease. Your tree report will recommend works to reduce risks to an acceptable level

If you require any further advice on a tree survey or if you would like to speak to one of the team about whether you need to conduct a tree survey please contact us today.

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