Airspading & Soil De-compaction

When the roots of a tree live in compacted soil, the rest of the tree becomes stressed as it’s starved for nutrients.  Tree Care Company can use air spading to restore the soil back to health. 

Air Spade for Excavation

The Air Spade is a specialist tool for excavating soil around trees and their root systems without causing damage. It is particularly beneficial for trenching work through ‘No Dig’ areas around trees on development sites.

Planning Authorities

Planning Authorities are increasingly requesting that ground works in the root zone of protected trees are to be undertaken with an Air Spade. The Air Spade tool uses a high-speed jet of air to loosen and remove soil, whilst leaving tree roots undamaged. Tree Care Company use various de-compacting methods to cater to the site we are working on. Using the Air Spade tool, we are able to lift and move the soil to add organic material into the topsoil without damaging even the smallest root hairs.

Air Spade Techniques

Tree Care Company use techniques such as vertical and radial mulching. This is where some soil is removed within the trees root zone and replaced with a compost blended with nutrients and mycorrhizal fungi.

This method often increases tree vitality resulting a positive solution.

What is Soil Decompaction?

Soil Decompaction is the process of lifting and removing compacted soil which can slowly suffocate a tree. The warning signs of compacted soil are minimal, therefore we often do not realise the soil is compacted until the tree is at risk. Forests provide natural soil which is rich in nutrients, often from leaves and fallen limbs. This is not the case for trees positioned within an urban environment.

Reasons Some Trees Suffer within an Urban Environment

  • Trees surrounded with concrete
  • Traffic flow over root zones

How does Compacted Soil Affect Trees?

  • Prevents Root Elongation
  • Decreases the physical space available for roots to live
  • Stunts the entire tree’s growth
  • Increases the risk of root rot that thrives in deoxygenated soil

Optimum Soil Pressure Soil

Soil should not be too hard or too soft to prolong the life of a tree. If soil is too soft, it could be too unstable to support the tree. If soil is too hard if affects the space required to enable nutrient uptake and root growth.



How Tree Care Company Can Help

We are experts in Air Spade and Soil Decompaction services in Leeds and West Yorkshire. The Air Spade tool we use is extremely valuable when investigating tree roots and excavations. When working within a site which has a large number of tree roots, the Air Spade tool is advantageous because it does not damage the roots which can sometimes happen with regular digging techniques.

We work closely with our clients in the preliminary stages to understand all elements of the job and the outcome required. Using compressed air, we are able to expose roots enabling the team to locate and inspect them. This conscientious excavation method often facilitates service runs and foundations installed within the root systems of trees.