Tree Protective Fencing

 We work with Tree Protective Fencing in accordance with the BS5837 Guidelines for our public sector clients and for commercial concerns

 BS 5837 Trees Protective Fencing: 

Demolition, Construction and Design

Any tree highlighted for retention on construction or demolition sites must have appropriate measures in place to protect the them. This is to ensure that works do not interfere with or cause damage to any part of a tree or trees.

Tree Protective Fencing can be erected around trees to serve as either a safe exclusion zone around the tree, or as a physical barrier to prevent accidental collision with the tree.

On-site activities can cause irreparable damage to trees such as exposure of wood tissue, crushing of roots, broken limbs through collision with machinery and chemical spillages.

BS 5837 Compliant Tree Protective fencing

Tree Care Company install BS 5837 compliant tree protection fencing quickly and efficiently. This is to ensure there are no delays to the start of the construction phase. Tree protection fencing can be used to create a safe barrier around invasive species such as Japanese knotweed. If a barrier is not put in place, site traffic could risk spreading the plant. 



Ground Protection

Ground protection is an effective means of preventing damage to the Root Protection Area (RPA) of retained trees during development activity. A range of approaches can be used including: –

  • Retaining existing hard surfacing or structures that already protect the soil
  • Installing new materials

Ground protection for high traffic areas can protect vulnerable sections from Soil Decompaction. Soil Decompaction can lead to damage to the root systems of retained trees.

BS 8537 Guidelines

Tree Care Company look at three factors when constructing Tree Protective Fencing and continually adhere to the BS 8537 guidelines:

  • Protection of root area
  • Protection of crown
  • Room needed to construct

Commercial and Domestic Tree Protective Fencing

Tree Care Company can complete Tree Protective Fencing installations for both domestic and commercial clients ranging from protecting a single tree to large scale commercial developments. 


Our Arboriculture Consultancy Service can recommend the most effective use of our extensive range of tree surgery services to meet your company’s arboriculture requirements.

Tree care company is  an Arboricultural Association Approved Contractor. Click here to view our accreditation page.