Tree Management Plan

There is increased awareness of the possible risks related to tree failure by members of the public. This is often as a result of media coverage which covers incidents of tree failure resulting in injury or death. With increasing attention given to personal and organisational responsibility, legal proceedings have become more common. With this in mind, it is necessary to proactively set up a tree management plan.

Tree Care Company works closely with a number of councils, local authorities, trusts, housing associations, businesses, and private landlords to develop targeted tree management plans. Tree management plans allow individuals to take complete control of the trees on-site, or around a domestic building.

Managing trees proactively, as opposed to reactively is not only cost-effective but the safest way to conduct long-term tree management.

Tree Management Legal Obligation

Tree owners or land owners have a statutory, legal obligation to ensure that the public and/or property are not put at any foreseeable risk. Organisations such as local authorities must always ensure public safety, whilst maintaining a natural and environmentally varied landscape. The way in which they are able to achieve this is by instructing a Tree Consultancy like Tree Care Company to create a tree management plan.

Tree Management Plan Objective

The fundamental objective of a tree management plan is to ensure the tree or trees are retained and protected, whilst ensuring the health, safety, and wellbeing of the public and any adjacent properties.

What is Included in a Tree Management Plan?

A tree management plan includes a comprehensive survey on the health and safety of the tree. It also lists additional works that might be required, planned routine maintenance, future tree removals and planting locations. The thorough nature of a tree management plan means our clients can avoid tree-related issues and future spending on problems that would arise without a tree management plan in place.

Whether you require the inspection of a single tree or the assessment of hundreds of trees, Tree Care Company’s tree management plans will help you to manage the trees under your care.

Tree Care Company offer a range of services to a varety of clients including local councils, housing associations, private landlords, housing contractors and more. We offer a complete domestic tree services in addition to our commercial tree services in Leeds which rage from tree and vegetation clearance, tree removal, tree maintenance, protective tree fencing and airspace and soil decompaction. We also offer a tree management consultancy service.

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