Domestic Tree felling & Tree Dismantling

Our tree felling and tree dismantling services offer our customers a range of options when dealing with unwanted, diseased or dangerous trees..

A tree will need felling or dismantling and removing if it has become hazardous to the safety of your property, neighbouring properties or the public; this may be due to storm damage, tree disease or subsidence issues with your property.


Where space allows, our tree surgeons can fell the tree and remove the stump using our tree stump grinder.
Our tree surgeons are also experienced in tree removal and tree dismantling in confined areas. Tree dismantling differs from tree felling as the tree is completely removed carefully in sections in a more systematic way to eliminate potential damage to other nearby trees and structures.

Tree dismantling is used rather than tree felling when extra attention needs to be paid to limit the risk of damage to property and maximise the safety of members of the public. Our tree surgeons are experienced in removal of trees manually or aided by the use of cranes. For added peace of mind, our tree surgeons also hold public liability insurance cover for up to £5,000,000.