Tree Management Consultancy

Tree Care Company is proud to offer fully comprehensive professional consultancy service. We work with a diverse range of private, public sector and commercial clients.

Our Arboriculturalists offer impartial advice on all areas of tree management.

Our arboriculture experts produce surveys and reports in the following areas;

Trees and Planning

The status of trees and their inclusion in planning considerations has increased dramatically in recent years. Local Authorities require detailed information regarding integration of trees in design, demolition and construction.

Our arboricultural specialists ensure that all our work complies with BS5837:2012.

How we can help

We provide the following arboricultural information concerning trees and planning;

  • Preliminary Tree Survey: This is used to by our arboriculturists to determine which tree specimens are suitable for preservation on site. This report also determines what, if any, constraints this would place on site development.
  • Tree Constraints Plans: This is a plan showing tree location, dimensions, BS5837 retention category and any possible constraints.
  • Implications Assessment: This report highlights the possible conflicts and effects of tree works on the project design and suggests ways of mitigating the impact both on site and with neighbouring properties.
  • Arboricultural Method Statement: This type of report is often required as a condition of planning. Our arboriculturists provide detailed guidance to ensure developers avoid unnecessary tree damage. The report also highlights the level of protection and maintenance required for each retained tree. Tree Protective Fencing might also be required. 
  • Tree Protection Plan: This plan demonstrates how the retained trees will be protected during site development.


Tree and Tree Hazard Inspection

Our tree and tree hazard inspections involve a comprehensive tree survey to establish whether a tree is significantly defective or at risk of becoming a risk to property or the public. The report by our qualified, professional tree surgeons will include recommendations regarding what further tree work is required to reduce potential hazards.

Mortgage and Insurance Reports 

Did you know the professional advice of tree surgeons and arboricultural experts is often sought to satisfy lenders and insurers throughout the house purchase process?

Risk to Property

Insurers and mortgage lenders increasingly ask for arboricultural reports to provide assessment and guidance on any possible present or future tree related risk to property. Our arboriculturists can provide in depth reports incorporating a detailed tree survey and information on local soil types. These reports can usually be prepared within a few days of you instructing us. Our ability to deliver these reports promptly means that the property purchase can continue without lengthy delays.