Firdene House, Gomersal, Tree Removal

Project : Tree Removal, Firdene House, Gomersal

Project Information

Tree Care Company was commissioned to clear 120 mature Leylandii Cypress from a residential property in Kirklees. The trees had originally been planted to form a boundary hedge. However, a lack of tree management had allowed the multiple Leylandii Cypress to outgrow their situation. A 15 tonne excavator and tree shear was used to safely dismantle the trees and stack them ready for processing with a whole tree chipper. In total 185 tonnes of wood chip suitable for biomass use was delivered to a local wood fuel contractor.

Project Challenge

This tree removal job in Kirkless was challenging due to poor ground conditions. This meant that a temporary road had to be installed, ensuring the machinery could safely access a section of the site and minimal ground disturbance was caused in the process.